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Waarom de start-up plannen van Obama een slecht idee zijn


9-2-2011 - Seed capital

Now that I actually watched the hour-long introduction of the announcement at the White House I am even more convinced that Startup America is a very bad and naive idea. The mere existence of the program is evidence of Venture Capital's systemic failing to which this program subsequently applies even more money.

Misguided focus

The primary reason for Startup America's impending failure is not the lack of goodwill from those involved, but the misguided focus of the program. Instead of its focus on educating entrepreneurs it should fix the dysfunctional arbitrage formed by an investment club that violates free-market principles and antitrust laws.

Pumping more money in “innovation“ without fixing the economic model through which the innovation is supposed to be recognized, is the kiss of death to innovation.

As Albert Einstein so eloquently stated: “Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is the theory which decides what can be observed“.

Venture Capital as the financial system, arbitrage and theorem built on the principles of socialism (including fragmentation of risk, deal staging, syndication, collusion, price fixing) has by economic principle a hard time attracting the anarchy promoted by groundbreaking innovation that can produce $1B companies. As a result Venture Capital has turned subprime just like Real Estate, exasperated by uniform deployment of deflated risk - the opposite of what this unique sub-sector of Private Equity requires.

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